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Southern Cal Speakers meeting is held Saturday Night at 7:30 pm in the Allied Gardens area of San Diego.

Church [Map] 6301 Birchwood St. San Diego, Ca. 92120

If you are looking for the official AA San Diego site, please visit aasandiego.org.

Due to logistical issues, some of the speakers from September are not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Latest Speakers

TitleLengthListen NowDownload
Andrea P, San Diego 45min 120719 46:58
Kyle C, San Diego 10min 120719 11:34
Mark B., Oceanside 45min 113019 ('sold on new ideas') 37:38
Nathan S., San Diego 10min 113019 ('a demonstration') 11:31
Art M., (ASL) San Diego 45min 112319 29:32
Eric J., San Diego 10min 112319 ('pocket full of hope') 10:27
Larry M, SAN DIEGO 45min 111619 40:22
ASL Robert B San Diego 10min 111619 ASL 8:49
MICHAEL E., SAN DIEGO 45min 110919 ('I started to care') 36:40
KATHLEEN K., RAMONA 10min 110919 ('a miracle to be alive') 9:15
ROZEE B., PAUMA VALLEY 45min 110219 38:52
DAVID C., SANTEE 10min 110219 6:49
DEBBIE K., RNCHO BRNRDO 45min 102619 ('stay sober and you'll have a good life') 36:26
ERICA B., SAN DIEGO 10min 102619 ('all in front of me') 10:03
TOM N., ALPINE 45min 101919 ('a little chunk of God') 34:22