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Southern Cal Speakers meeting is held Saturday Night at 7:30 pm in the Allied Gardens area of San Diego.

Church [Map] 6301 Birchwood St. San Diego, Ca. 92120

If you are looking for the official AA San Diego site, please visit aasandiego.org.

Due to logistical issues, some of the speakers from September are not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Latest Speakers

TitleLengthListen NowDownload
Tanya H 45min from San Diego 0501918 42:22
Celeb B 10min from San Diego Ca 051918 9:50
Kip D 45min from San Diego 0501218 44:02
Alexis 10min from San Diego Ca 051218 6:14
Kylee L 45min from San Jacinto 050518 48:07
Roland L 10min from San Diego Ca 050518 9:21
Ronnie F 45min from San Jacinto 042818 47:26
Joe T 10min from San Diego Ca 042818 10:14
Nat R 45min from Park City 042118 24:20
Lizzie L 10min from San Diego Ca 042118 10:40
Robert S 45min from San Diego 041418 44:52
Leon R 10min from San Diego Ca 041418 9:47
Melissa L 45min from San Diego 040718 41:19
Travis S 10min from San Diego Ca 040718 11:41
Shaun E 45min from San Diego 033118 38:02